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I have never been an avid reader I actually hated reading, especially when we had to read the book out loud in class. One day I decided to open a book and read of topics I actually was interested in. I was pulled into reading topics about religion, history, politics, and building companies. Self education has taught me a lot more than our education system. Unfortunately Our education system is set up for us to follow and accept our environment for what it is as fact and nothing else. This great man name #earlshoaff which not many people have heard of was the inspiration for the role models I follow today such as #jimrohn & #tonyrobbins ” Be a creator of ideas. Let’s not be moons, the reflector of ideas. Let’s be suns, let’s be the creator of the light. Let’s be the creator of the ideas because we all have a capacity- that guardian of the gate as the conscious mind.” #earlshoaff


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